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Performance and reliability, since our origin

The history

Performance and reliability: these are two of the key words that have guided our work for 40 years, since the foundation.

Italplant was founded in 1981, when our founder Giorgio C. Gay, a mechanical engineer, began collaborating with Manifold Indexing, a leading company in the United Kingdom in the construction of indexers.

The collaboration between Gay and John Reeve, theoretical mathematician at the head of Manifold, has given many results: among these, one of the most important is the design of a revolutionary series of MK1 cylindrical cam indexers, in addition to the revision of other large indexers, with globoidal cam and through hole, interchangeable with the world’s first built indexers.

From the application of a special high-performance cam had born the high-speed MK2 indexer series, evolution of the MK1. The very high performance of the MK2 made it a recognized product leader in high-speed machines: today, our production lines reach the speed of 1000 clicks per minute, ensuring an incomparable standard all over the world.

In 1990 Italplant also landed overseas, thanks to the collaboration with CAMCO, a leading company in the United States regarding the production of indexers and Precision Link Conveyors.

The results of this collaboration are very interesting: Charly Nims and Larry Gancarz, respectively president and vice president of CAMCO, have launched a joint venture for the sale of PLC (Precision Link Conveyor) in Italy.

Our know how is the business card that we like to show our customers, but we do not stop: we keep updating ourselves to raise the technological level daily, at the base of the products that we provide to our customers, and consequently their performance, without losing reliability.

Our path

Some milestones in our history

history italplant

Mission and vision

Certifications and patents

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