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The variety of our products, the excellent performance, the quality of the components

medicale farmaceutico

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Speed and precision come together in Italplant machinery, making them ideal also for pharmaceutical applications, such as the inoculation of vaccines in containers.

The inoculation of small quantities of medicinal substances in large quantities of containers requires the use of machinery which ensures both speed of execution and extreme precision.

The mass production of Covid-19 vaccines, for example, requires mechanical arms with eight needles that inocululate eight contemporary doses.

Thanks to their characteristics, our rotary tables and precision conveyors are therefore suitable to be installed both in clean rooms, both in grey rooms, at the service of the pharmaceutical industry.


Our rotary tables, in addition to being extremely precise, are also very resistant: ideal for the automotive industry.

The production line of a car is made of sequences during which robotic arms perform the same action on more or less large and bulky parts.

Our rotary tables combine precision and strength, with the ability to support even high loads, typical of the automotive industry.

This is why over the years we have been alongside numerous companies in the automotive sector, including Fiat, as well as tire manufacturers, such as Michelin, Bridgestone and Continental.

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With our experience we can provide food companies and not only with indexers featured by very high speeds (up to 1000 strokes per minute) and maximum precision: perfect technologies for all kind of industries that need to package food and products. Our patented SOTL / ATT output safety torque limiter is able to reduce any margin of mistake and cuts out the possibility of damage to the indexers.

Robotics and Electronics


The future (and present) of Industry 4.0 has one of its fundamental foundations in robotics. Our conveyors and indexers guarantee very low error margins, ideal for the application also in precision robotics, as well as in the larger scale, linked to the (already mentioned) automotive industry and all industries that need assembly operations.

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Box alimentare


Repeatability and a margin of error close to zero are also the basis of the food industry.

As in the case of the electronics sector, the food industry also needs machines that perform identical movements, with variations close to zero.

Automatic arms that fill bottles, tubes and jars at regular intervals are just one example of the possible applications of our products in the food industry.

Ferrero, Barilla, Lindt and Caffarel are among our main customers in this sector.


Our machines guarantee the highest speeds in the world, with the guarantee of safety thanks to our patented torque limiter

The high speeds (up to 1000 rounds per minute) accompanied by our patented SOTL/ATT output torque limiter system enable us to be partners with different types of manufacturing industries. 

One of the main applications concerns the mass production of personal care items, such as razor blades. Michelin and Bridgestone are among our main customers in this sector.

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