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Italplant company began in 1981. After more than forty years in which we have designed and manufactured dozens of indexers and conveyors that add high performance to maximum durability and construction quality, another milestone in our growth is about to be reached, and consequently in that of all customers who decide to place their trust in us.

We are proud to inform you that the new RevoMotion will be on the market very soon! As its name already suggests: RevoMotion is the innovative rotary table that synthesizes everything the market has ever asked for in a single versatile and dynamic product, with extraordinary convenience.

What are the main characteristics of RevoMotion?

  • Optimum central hole size for multiple applications.
  • Indexes are available with mechanical or programmable electronic cams
  • Engineered to meet a wide range of customer requirements, thanks to a broad spectrum of configurations
  • Up to four times greater capacity than the competitive average product
  • Guarantees a very high degree of precision, like all other globoidal cam products made in Italplant
  • Excellent value for money and fast delivery.

Last but not least, RevoMotion will allow all our customers who choose it to stand out from the competition thanks to a truly innovative product.

January 2023

Coming soon

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