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Another year is about to end, and for us at Italplant it is time to take stock, but also to look forward to a future in the short term that promises to be full of new developments.

It was a 2022 in which we finally returned to events and trade shows in full presence: at the end of March, for example, we were one of 300 companies who participated in the VTM (Vehicle & Transportation Technology Innovation Meetings), the only trade show in Italy dedicated to technological innovation for vehicles and transportation. We just couldn’t miss it, since we were at home, at the OGR in Turin.

Then, at the end of June, we participated in the Battery Show in Stuttgart, the most important international event on battery-related technology, particularly those for hybrid and electric vehicles, another sector in which our machinery will be able to play a very important role.

And then there is our daily work, to guarantee all our customers the best performance and the highest quality in the world for each of our indexers and conveyors, even for fast-growing and evolving sectors such as, the production of battery modules for electric vehicles.

Our PLCs are accurate, fast, rigid, and very precise-all features required by the automotive industry of the future (and present).

Last but not least is our Revomotion ring rotary table, which we have already told you about and will talk about in more depth when it is officially launched in January. What is Revomotion? In a nutshell, it is the innovative rotary table that synthesizes everything the market has ever asked for.

Now we are ready to look forward to a 2023 that will be full of work and (we hope) satisfaction and new exciting challenges.

Before we do that Italplant Team wishes you a happy Christmas, to be spent with the people you love, and a New Year that will be full of goals achieved!

Our offices will be closed from December 24th to January 8th . We will be back on January 9th.