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Italplant’ s story began more than 40 years ago, in 1981, when our founder Giorgio C. Gay started to work with Manifold Indexing, leading British company in the construction of indexers. If our experience in indexers exceed forty, the production of conveyors started over thirty years ago, in 1990, when the collaboration with the American company CAMCO marked a new beginning for our company, but always with the sign of the highest quality and best possible performance.

Each of our linear transfer series has the necessary accuracy (standard, medium or high) for all the application e industrial fields to which they are dedicated. Thus, differentiating ourselves from our competitors, we are confident that we can assure our customers the product they need.

Our patented PBCs (Precision Belt Conveyors) represent the standard accuracy. A standard that is very high; composed by an integral aluminum structure, they are made with a modulable structure according to requirements.

Despite their versatility, we can offer them at significantly lower prices than other belt conveyor systems because we have succeeded in combining design essentiality and strict mechanical constraints.

This allows to us to produce a conveyor suitable for many (and disparate) applications, providing higher performance than belt-driven competitors, but at a more affordable price.

Our PBCs are the main product for packaging, medium precision assembly and indexed storage in warehouses.

Four different lengths of pallet (60mm, 80mm, 100mm e 160mm, and also with square version) and different available strokes with the possibility of obtaining additional strokes through servomotor, versions in centimeters and inches make the PBC “Made in Italplant” more versatile and stand out as the product you need for many companies and applications.

Click here for many other technical details and for download the brochure of our PBC.