PBC (patented)

The highest standard on the market

PBC (patented)

An absolute innovation in the sector of pallets transport

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The ITALPLANT patented Precision Belt Conveyors PBC represents an absolute innovation in the sector of pallets transport.

It’s almost an all-aluminum structure, that combines two basic concepts for the customer: modular structure according to the customer‘s needs and hugely lower costs, compared to other transport belt systems.

This has been possible by a combination of design essential and rigid mechanical linkages: the result is a conveyor suitable for many applications at a higher level than its competitor‘s belt, and yet much cheaper.

The motorizations applicable may provide an intermittent motion – Italplant rotary tables or HER/servo motor with an own motion law – or continuous – HER/servo motor.

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Performance and reliability, since our foundation

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    • ITALPLANT patented system
    • Metric version
    • Lightweight structure with an aluminum profile
    • Auto-lubricating guides
    • Get And Joint version available (see page 11)
    • The squared version available (see page 12)
    • Over-Under / Carousel mounting options
    • Length and size of the aluminum pallets, other specifications
    • General specifications: height, total length, even or odd pallets, disposition
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    Sectors of use

    The sectors in which the PBC range is used the most




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