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Extreme precision, high speed, high loading capacity, versatile positioning and variable length according to our customers’ needs and requirements. 

These are the characteristics shared by our PLC (Precision Link Conveyors), we have been dealing with for over thirty years, having consolidated our know-how on indexers.

The great versatility of our PLC makes them suitable for many industrial sectors, including very heterogeneous ones: from automotive to electronics and microelectronics, from mechanical engineering to automation and 4.0, to pharmaceutical and medical.

And it is precisely to the last one that the HA (High Accuracy) version of our PLC is addressed, which today represent the state of the art in what concerns linear indexing transfer systems.

Analyzing into details, the PLC HA has aluminum links joined together, like the “standard” version, but with a structural steel beam. For the medical sector, the PLC HA can also be double, supported by the provision of a variable piece support spacing.

Thanks to this configuration, our PLC is equipped with two chains that are perfectly synchronized with each other, bringing the accuracy and speed of each movement to the highest levels.

In conclusion, another very important feature of this machinery is the possibility of bringing the two chains closer and farther apart as needed.

This particular PLC is an example of bespoke customization that starts from our mass production of Precision Link Conveyor, now recognized as a true benchmark in the global market.

However, in Italplant we never stop and continue to work every day to further improve our performance that is already excellent.

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