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It was a fantastic edition of Automatica for us at Italplant, the one that just ended.

In fact, we were among the 650 exhibitors (from 34 different countries) at the most important international trade fair dedicated to automation and robotics, which involved manufacturers, investors, researchers and representatives of the political world.

The numbers – more than 40,000 visitors from almost 90 nations – testified to the growing attention of those involved in the industry. In a world in constant evolution, Automatica showed the decisive approach that industrial automation and robotics can offer in this context.

And it was in this context that it was even more gratifying for us to be visited by hundreds of people interested in our Indexer and Conveyor, and exciting to officially launch our RevoMotion, the revolutionary rotary table that synthesizes everything the market has ever asked of us.

A machine that, in addition to the features we will list shortly, impressed visitors with its details, because we know details make the difference!

The main features of RevoMotion include:

  • Optimum centre hole size for multiple applications.
  • Indexes available with mechanical or programmable electronic cam.
  • Designed with a wide range of configurations to meet the most diverse requirements.
  • Capacity up to four times greater than the average competitive product.
  • Very high degree of accuracy (like all our other globoidal cam products).
  • Excellent value for money and fast delivery.

Automatica, as also emphasized by its director Anja Schneider, ‘stands as a leading trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics with a great atmosphere. We are happy to have made our contribution by presenting RevoMotion, together with our magnetic linear system P-TRAK.

See you at Automatica 2025!