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Here in Italplant, company at the pioneering stage of industrial handling solutions, we are also active in supplying the medical sector with our Precision Link Conveyors and Indexers. These machines combine speed of execution with extreme precision, making them ideal also for high-level pharmaceutical applications, where details make the difference.

An example? The inoculation of small quantities of medicinal substances into large quantities of containers is a crucial challenge in the pharmaceutical industry; the need for accurate dosing and high production speeds requires state-of-the-art machinery.

Precision Link Conveyors and Indexers satisfy every need. The combination of speed and precision allows the simultaneous insertion of several doses, a fundamental requirement for the production of vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

Advantage of our solutions is also their adaptability to the working environment. Our machines are designed to be installed in both clean and grey rooms, providing maximum flexibility for the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

We are dedicated to guarantee the suitability of materials in ISO 8 clean rooms and offer a range of tailor-made processes, which include:

  • PLC input shaft: chemically nickel-plated for greater strength and protection against contamination
  • Guides: chemical nickel-plating for a smooth, corrosion-resistant surface
  • Tensioning cams: stainless steel cover and/or chemical nickel-plating for increased resistance to external influences
  • Sprockets: chemical nickel-plating to improve durability and durability against wear
  • Sprocket carrier hubs and tensioning cam hubs: chemically nickel-plated for complete protection against environmental influences

With these processes, we demonstrate our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the medical sector, contributing to the advancement of technology and safety in critical environments.

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