A REVOlution in the world of cam mechanism


A different approach, an innovative way to size and choose the motorization

Dettaglio Revomotion grigio e blu

The REVOmotion is the perfect solution for lots of application. The big through hole is useful in case of need to pass through with cables, stations or robots, but with its high torque and axial load capacity, this indexer is also perfect to be used in the welding application as well.
Thanks to its incredible accuracy, can be also chosen for precision mounting operations like electronics and medical and in the end, the zero backlash guaranteed by the mechanical globoidal cam and its rigidity, allows to reach a very fast index time and to increase the productivity.

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Performance and reliability, since our foundation

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    • Big through hole – through hole of 250 mm
    • Flexibility – The REV 600 can be provided without motorization, with a set of standard motorization or with continuous motion cam with a servomotor assembly.
    • Accuracy – The Italplant special manufacturing technique ensures that position accuracy is maintained by the elimination of backlash during the dwell.
    • Smooth movement – The manufacturing process cams ensures a smooth, shock-free transfer from follower to follower
    • Capacity – Size for size, the load carrying capacity is higher than that of any other type of indexing mechanism.
    • Reliability – The mechanisms are of extremely robust proportions

    Optional features

    • Dial plate
    • Stationary center post
    • REVObox
    • Extra accuracy
    • High speed indexers
    • SITL – Safety Input Torque Limiter
    • Base cell for indexers
    • Food&Pharmaceuticals
    Dettaglio Revomotion

    Sectors of use

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