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Italplant was founded in 1981 by engineer Giorgio C. Gay. His forty years of experience in the field of indexers and conveyors, and consequently ours, has allowed us to improve our automatic machines more and more, guaranteeing maximum reliability and very high performance.

The study of some innovative solutions accompanying our machinery, some of these covered by patents, is part of this perspective.
One of our main patents dates back to 2007, when we filed an innovative SOTL + ATL type input torque limiter to protect our globoidal and globocylindrical tables from overloads, shocks or any other irregularities of the absorbed torque.

Going into detail, our limiter is equipped with a high-capacity release system consisting of springs, and is incorporated directly into the rotary tables, without causing any variation in size.
Easily adjustable from the outside, thanks to a hex nut, it can slide for several minutes without being damaged, and therefore protecting our boards even in the event of prolonged emergencies.