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Italplant, founded forty years ago by engineer Giorgio C. Gay, celebrates this very important anniversary with an equally important operation: an overall rebranding, which is reflected on our new website.

An important milestone for a company like ours, which for years has been committed to guaranteeing the best performance and the highest quality in the world in the production of indexers and conveyors.
The excellence of our work is underlined by the rebranding, which can be found on a modern and user-friendly site that presents the entire range of our products and a new categorization by industrial sectors.
In fact, there have been and continue to be numerous industries that rely on us for our components: from medical-pharmaceutical to automotive, from food to robotics.

The site, with which we tried to communicate in a technical but also warm and not detached way, also presents the new logo, with the new payoff (“Precision Transfer System”) which is a very effective synthesis of all our business. The bars of the logo, which intersect perfectly, tell the concepts of precision and reliability.
The color palette (red and technical gray) is declined throughout the site and best represents the highly technological environment in which we have been moving, with passion and competence, for forty years now.

This rebranding projects us towards a future where we want to continue to excel.