Dividing heads


Dividing heads

MK2 - 26

Indexing units with orthogonal axes MK2, high accuracy, no backlash. Twin dwell cams and various other cam laws. Available from 1 to 32 stops (more on request) with high value of dynamic capacities and various values of center distance.
Most of these mechanisms can be supplied with the high speed special cams. Available with Safety Output Torque Limiter SOTL/ATT.


  • Center through hole, for the passage of electrically/hydraulic equipment cables
  • Choice of motor/worm reducer positions
  • Available as indexer only without reduced or motor
  • Available with Safety Output Torque Limiter SOTL/ATT


  • Hardened & ground steel cam
  • High precision heavy duty cam followers
  • Rigid cast iron housing
  • Largest range of stops & index periods
  • Pre-loaded taper roller bearings
  • Optimum motion law
  • Special Italplant cam for extra high speeds

Globoidal oscillators

The Italplant MK2 oscillator has a cam operated mechanism for producing an oscillating rotary output motion from a constant rotary input motion. A standard oscillating cycle, produced by one revolution of the input shaft, consists of two output motion periods of opposite direction, with or without dwell periods between them.
The angle through which the output shaft rotates (or swings) during a motion period is called the output stroke.
Available with Safety Output Torque Limiter SOTL/ATT.

MK2 - 27


  • Rigid cast iron housing
  • Hardened and ground steel cam
  • Heavy duty high precision Italplant cam followers
  • Pre-loaded taper roller bearings on both shafts
  • Heavy duty camshafts are standard
  • M.S. and special high performance cam motion
  • Many standard drive packages available
  • Flanged output shaft

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