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Italplant’s patented squared conveyor system has unprecedented performance of precision and versatility. A leading company in the industrial automation sector, Italplant proudly announced the delivery to an enthusiastic customer of one of its conveyor systems, the Precision Link Conveyor Squared.

One of the most important features of the Precision Link Conveyor Squared is its extraordinary versatility. With the possibility of central insertion of robots and other workstations, this system is designed to adapt to each customer’s specific needs, allowing the production process to be optimised easily and efficiently.

Despite its ability to accommodate a large number of work stations, the Precision Link Conveyor Squared offers low inertia even when cornering. This feature, together with the fast trigger times, is crucial to ensure consistent precision in production operations.

At Italplant, we continue to innovate and provide solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. With the delivery of this unique system, we look to the future with ambition and determination, ready to meet the expectations of the ever-changing manufacturing industry.