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Saturday 2nd October was a very important day for all of us at Italplant.

We had the pleasure of hosting our distributors in a special open house, dedicated both to celebrate our fortieth anniversary with them, and to the presentation of the latest news.

And also, to the presentation of our renewed brand identity, declined inside and outside of our production plant in Via Gonin: in the assembly department, in the technical office, on the street side walls.

After the introductory speech of our founder, engineer Giorgio C. Gay, and our engineers who every day design the best components for industrial machines, we have shown to our suppliers the latest news, our showroom and assembly department, where our projects are realized thanks to the experience and expertise of our specialized technicians.

Another fundamental moment of sharing is the visit of the technical office, in which particular attention was paid to the improvement of production standards.

A very important day for us because we shared with key partners such as distributors some strategic innovations and aimed at the future, with the goal to ensure performance and reliability: two of our features, since 1981.

We take this opportunity to thank all the distributors who came to visit us and we will meet them at the next open house.