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At Italplant we develop and manufacture increasingly efficient conveyor systems for industrial application and the latest of our creations is the PLC Squared Conveyor: a UNIQUE product that represents a new frontier in the conveyor industry.

PLC Squared is a rigid system characterised by an innovative, patented design featuring a square shape with a free centre. This unique configuration offers multiple advantages:

  • Accessibility: the free centre allows easy access on four external sides, facilitating maintenance and cleaning operations.
  • Flexibility: PLC Squared is customisable in size based on the two equal sides, adapting perfectly to each customer’s specific needs.
  • Maximum accuracy: the system has been tested rigorously, demonstrating four times the accuracy of competing products.
  • Versatility: PLC Squared is available in two versions: PLC Squared and PBC Squared, made with aluminium beams respectively.
  • Customised configurations: Italplant offers the possibility to configure PLC Squared with customised slide materials to suit the specific needs of each industry.

PLC Squared is a revolutionary product that offers high capabilities ‘squared’, increasing the productivity and efficiency of companies in a variety of industries.

Benefits of PLC Squared:

  • Unique design 
  • Free centre for a 360° accessibility
  • Customisable in size, shape and anchor points
  • Maximum precision
  • Customised configurations with specific materials
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Fast delivery times

PLC Squared is not just a product, it is a new vision of component handling in industry. With its innovative design and high performance, PLC Squared is set to revolutionise the industry and become the new benchmark for companies looking for reliable, efficient and versatile conveying solutions.

Italplant: a new great frontier.

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