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At Italplant we continue to develop new products to guarantee the best performance in the world and the highest production yield, under all circumstances.

This is why we are proud to unveil the latest Made in Italplant innovation that we have officially presented to the public at the Battery Show in Stuttgart.

After having inaugurated 2023 with RevoMotion, the innovative rotary table that synthesizes everything the market has ever asked for, which we will present at the Automatica trade fair in Munich at the end of June, today it is the turn of P-TRAK!

P-TRAK is our new PTC, Precision Trak Conveyor, with pairs of magnets that slide and exploit the properties of magnetic attraction to be able to carry twice the weight: this is thanks to coordinated master-slave work.

P-TRAK, developed in cooperation with HDQ Group, is equipped with ILSM (Independent Carrier Linear Synchronous Motor) technology, which guarantees flexible belt movement.

Our new Precision Trak Conveyor is a conveyor belt with very high performance, coupled with excellent capacity.

The main features of the P-TRAK include magnetic technology:

– up to 15Kg payload;

– maximum speed of up to 3 meters per second at full load;

– double trolley;

– it is the first and only Made in Italy product;

– it is intuitive and easily programmable, dialoguing with all existing programming systems, including Open Source.

Contact us for more information on P-TRAK and our other conveyors.