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Italplant precision link carriers PLC are the state-of-the art of conveyors for every kind of industry: mechanical, manufacturing, assembling, packaging, and every genre of applications: medical, cosmetic, electronic, and so on. Italplant conveyors combine excellent accuracy, high speed, smooth movement, high load capacity, versatility of positioning, custom length.
Driven by an Italplant indexer with globoidal cam, able to guarantee a motion given by an incredible variety of motion laws (MS, MS20, M11 CYC, etc.), both standard than personal, customer have the maximum degree of reliability. Indexer are driven by worm-gear reducer and three phase brake motor, or, if wished, by servo motor and driver provided by us. Type of motion can be, as a choice, continuous or periodic, with much longer dwell periods and custom length. Moreover, it is possible to couple the conveyor with ITALPLANT pick and place of PR or IP series, able to make loading/unloading cycles, synchronous with conveyor.
To meet exactly all customer’s needs, ITALPLANT can make a complete project that includes not only the complete system conveyor - placers with motorization, but also support base and tools to fit onto the links, or other components for load and unload. The possibility, in addition, to choose the length and the pitch of pallets permits to cover every customer wishes.
Italplant conveyors contemplate a number of features unique for each type, that must be examined by the customer for ultimate choice. They are:
- Working position: “carouseI” or “over-under”
- Metric or imperial version
- Length and size of the pallets, other specifications
- Standard version or Heavy Duty or Light (when contemplated)
- General specifications: height, total length, even or odd pallets, disposition
- Special requests
ln our catalogue at the time of this printing are contemplated the following size of pallets: 1.5”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 4.5”, 5.5”, 6", 8”, 12”. For metric version: 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm,  250 mm, ...and obviously special measures on demand.


PLC 1.5”

PLC 2”

PLC 3”

PLC 4”

PLC 4.5”

PLC 5.5”

PLC 6"

PLC 8”

PLC 12"


PLC 100 mm

PLC 125 mm

PLC 150 mm

PLC 250 mm