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AUTOMATICA Munich exhibition: products

Italplant will be present at Automatica Exhibition with its performance products.


Conveyors, rotary tables and patents that represent quality and continuous innovation.



Products at Automatica Exhibition 2018:


- Precision Link Conveyor High Accuracy (PLC-HA)

- Precision Link Conveyor (PLC)

- Precision Link Conveyor Squared (PLC-S)                             

(Patent N° 102018000003368)

- Precision Belt Conveyor (PBC)                                                

(Patent N° 0001430042)

- Rotary Table with SOTL – Safety Output Torque Limiter

(Patent N° TO2012A0000085)

- Rotary Table with IRC – Indexer Remote Control              

(Patent N° 102017000107408)


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from 19/06/2018

to 22/06/2018

Hall no. A6 - Booth no. 134


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