The 5 Years Warranty Company.
  • UNIQUE IN THE WORLD: A particular feature of this rotary table is the optional presence of the Safety Output Torque Limiter, Italplant Patent, that extends the WARRANTY FROM 2 TO 5 YEARS. Therefore, for the first time is possible to have a torque limiter mounted in a ring rotary table: in fact - while in a simple indexer also other external solutions could be possible - in a toroidal indexer without the ITALPLANT patent will be impossible to mount any type of safety systems on the output axis of the ring rotary table.


  • The new TIG 1200HD with others size of TIG series, TIG 800HD and TIG 500HD are the best solution to mix different costumer needs using the quality and performances of Italplant’s products.


  • The ring rotary table TIG joins the advantages of the globoidal cam against to the cylindrical one, plus the advantages of the big through hole, suitable for the passing through of cables, manipulators, robots.


  • The lateral position of the cam, different by the other types in the market (cylindrical cam), gives to the indexer a thin shape


  •  Very low value of minimum stop possible




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